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The Reading Settings allow you to change the configuration of your WordPress website settings, blog pages, RSS feed settings, etc to customize your WordPress site.

Go to your WordPress dashboard to configure your WordPress Reading settings – select “Settings” and “Reading” and you will find the following options available for customization.

WordPress Reading Settings:

Site Settings:
  • Your homepage displays – choose which page you want to display as your Home Page – default setting is the theme’s default page.
  • Default posts page – choose a page to display other than the theme’s index template.
Blog Pages:
  • Set the number of blog posts on the default posts page (10 or less is usually advise to lessen loading times).
  • This section will display (or not) after the Blog post if you want to show related Blog posts.
  • There are options to what you want to display in this section such as; Highlight related content with a heading, Show a thumbnail image where available, Show post publish date, Show post category or tags
RSS Feed Settings:
  • Syndication feeds – allows you to set the number of blog posts to be included in your website’s RSS feed
  • For each post in a fee include – this allows you to include the Full text or an Excerpt
Syndication Feeds show the most recent:

Set the number of syndication feeds to display.

For each Article in a Feed show:

Set choose between full text or Summary versions.

Search Engine Visibility

Here, you can request that search engines do not index your site, however this is up to the search engine itself.

Here you can choose the options for the Related Posts section displayed after single blog posts:

  • Show related content after posts toggles the related posts section on or off.
  • To clearly separate the related posts section from the rest of the content, you can choose to show a Related header on the section, using the second checkbox.
  • You can choose to display thumbnails, date, category and tags for the posts in the Related section.

WordPress Hosting 

Additional Information:

Changing the Reading Settings in your WordPress Dashboard empowers you to customize the presentation and accessibility of your website’s content to align with your goals and preferences.

The Reading Setting allows you to change emails you send, amend the RSS feed and customize your WordPress site. This article assumes you have a WordPress account or WordPress Hosting with Hosted.com.

Why Change your these Settings

Changing these settings can present many benefits, including:


It allows you to customize how your website’s content is displayed to visitors. You can control whether your front page displays your latest blog posts or is a static page.

Enhanced User Experience

By adjusting settings such as the number of posts displayed per page, you can improve user experience for visitors navigating your site.

SEO Optimization

Enhancing your Reading Settings can make a positive impact on your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). As an example, displaying a static front page with key information about your site can help search engines understand your site’s purpose and improve its ranking.

Content Focus

You can prioritize certain types of content, whether you want to highlight your blog posts or showcase specific pages, adjusting these settings enables you to direct visitors’ attention where you want it most.

RSS Feed Management

If your website has an RSS feed, modifying the Reading Settings allows you to control how many posts are syndicated in the feed. This can be beneficial for managing content distribution.

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