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The Writing Settings will allow you to change the formatting, content type, email posting, markdown on your site.

Default Post Format

The majority of Themes on WordPress do not support multiple post formats.

  • The default is “Standard” 
  • Other options are: Aside – Image – Video – Link – Quote – Gallery – Status 


When switched on, allows you to write posts in markdown format. Markdown is a light markup language that one can use to add formatting elements to plain text posts.

Date and Time Format

Choose how the Date and Time will be displayed on blog posts for your entire site.

Content Types

  • Blog posts – select the number of posts per blog page
  • Testimonials – select the number of Testimonials you want to display per page, if your template doesn’t have Testimonials, you can use the shortcode [testimonials]
  • Portfolio Projects – select the number of Portfolio Projects you want to display per page, if your template doesn’t have Portfolio Projects, you can use the shortcode [portfolio]

Feed Settings

  • Select the number of posts to include in your site’s feed
  • Feeds can also be limited to excerpts only


You can host a Podcast on your site

Theme Enhancements

Allows you to enable Infinite Scroll which is a feature that will load more posts as soon as the end of the post page is reached.

Press This

Allows you to enable Press This, which is a feature that is added as a bookmark and allows you to post text and images from any website directly to your blog without having to open up WordPress.


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