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Hosted.com is a Web Hosting and Domain name provider with a soft spot for start-ups and small businesses.
We believe you are the star of the show, and our products and plans underpin this belief.

We help you turn your business dreams into a real, tangible online business. Not next
month or next year – but right now, with our affordable and easy to use online solutions.

From choosing the right domain name to register, to selecting the best hosting plan,
all our products are simple to sign-up and manage, and are competitively priced.

Are you ready to step-up your small business' online presence? Become a
Hosted.com client and let our professional online tools help you get noticed.

What do we do?

Hosted.com – Register & Transfer Domain Names

Top Domain

Find out just how easy and affordable it is to register your domain with Hosted.com.

Hosted.com – cPanel Web Hosting

The best in
cPanel Hosting

Make the most of your website with our affordable and high-performance cPanel web hosting.

Hosted.com – DIY Website Builder

DIY Website

Build your own website effortlessly using our easy template-driven Website Builder Add-on.

Hosted.com – WordPress Hosting


Boost your website's performance with our high-quality servers designed for WordPress.

How do we do it?

A hosting and domain name provider is crucial to the success of your website.
Choose a reputable provider you can trust. Here’s our claim to fame:

Hosted.com – Support that goes above & beyond

Support that goes above and beyond

Our support agents are serious people-pleasers and can sort out any issue with absolute grace. We also have a Knowledgebase jammed packed with How to Guides and don't miss our Blogs for great small business tips.

Hosted.com – Hardware that’s rocking

Hardware that's rocking

Our passion lies in technology and pioneering industry-firsts. We therefore only use the best of the best. This way you are guaranteed of exceptional speeds, stability, and security.

Hosted.com – Specializing in small medium businesses

A heart
for SMEs

Small- to medium-sized enterprises are this country's heroes. We therefore make it our business to bring you products and solutions that make it easy to market your business online.

Hosted.com – User-friendly Customer Panel

A head
for simplicity

Life's complicated enough. That's why we take pride in our remarkably user-friendly and cutting-edge client Control Panel. With this panel, managing all your products with us becomes a breeze.

Hosted.com – Excellent support all our products

We're experts
in the field

The world of domains and hosting is constantly changing and evolving. You need an old hand on the job. With decades of combined experience we won't let you down.

Hosted.com – Let us handle the technical side

We partner
with you

While you focus on your important business, you can trust us to handle all the technical aspects behind the scenes. We manage it all.
No mess. No fuss.

Hosted.com – 99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Ensuring minimal downtime is crucial for your business's success. That's why we go above and beyond to provide our clients with a remarkable 99.9% uptime, often surpassing this benchmark.

Hosted.com – Geo-redundant Nameservers

domain nameservers

Our DNS servers are deployed across multiple data centers located in diverse geographic locations. In the event of a disaster, our system is designed to handle the situation effectively.

NEWS & TIPS: Let’s help boost your business

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How Do You Know If A Website Has A SSL Certificate?

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Top questions our customers ask

All domain registration information globally, is released on the WHOIS database for public viewing. This information includes the Registrant and Registrar's details, the domain name, nameserver, etc.

Should you have any queries, please contact our Sales team, and they will be happy to assist you.

A TLD is a Top Level Domain. TLDs are the highest tier of the global DNS (Domain Name System), which is an ordered structure for domains. The most recognizable examples of Top Level Domains are: .com, .org, .net.

For more information please refer here.

cPanel is one of the foremost control panel solutions that has been specifically built for a web hosting environment. The platform is developed by cPanel, LLC and is used by leading hosting companies to ensure that their clients have a user-friendly, fast, secure and dependable web hosting platform. For more information please refer here.

WordPress is one of the world's leading, open-source, Content Management Systems (CMS) specifically designed for website owners. It is extremely easy to use, for creating, publishing and managing your website's content, irrespective of your type of website and whether you are just starting out or an established business.

To find out more about Hosted.com?s WordPress Hosting, please click here.

Email Hosting is the perfect gap-filler for any business, whether you are still in the process of getting your new business ideas together, or are well-established.

For the newbie, you can start creating a professional look by registering your domain name and getting Email Hosting for it. This allows you to start sending out emails that will show everyone that you take your business seriously even though you may only be in the initial stages.

For the well-established business, you may find that as you grow, the business email communication has outgrown your web-hosting plan. No problem, you can add-on an affordable Email Hosting plan that will close the gap and is scalable for future growth.

Currently, there are 8 (eight) types of SSL Certificates: Code Signing - Domain Validated - Extended Validation - Organization Validated - SAN - Self-Signed - SGC - Wildcard. Here are the most common types of SSL Certificates for business and their varying degrees of certification from the CA (Certificate Authorities).

DV SSL Certificate - Domain Validated

This certificate indicates that the CA has verified that the applicant owns the website's domain name and not the domain name's owner. The information can be viewed by the public when clicking on the SSL's Site Seal.

OV SSL Certificate - Organization Validated

This is the more preferred security for an online sales website, as it assures online visitors that the actual business itself has been verified by the CA, and the company details are shown on the certificate. It does take a little longer to be issued due to the submission of the company documentation to be validated by the CA.

EV SSL Certificate - Extended Validated

The EV SSL is the highest form of security for any website and is indicated by a green URL address bar in your browser*. This is most commonly used on e-Commerce websites. The company, company ownership documentation, as well as domain name ownership documentation must all be submitted and validated by the CA - here is the list of required documentation.
*Note: Ensure that you are using the most current version of your browser, as older browsers may not be able to display the green address bar.

Wildcard Certificate - for sub domains

Wildcard SSLs can be issued for DV & OV when you have multiple sub-domains that need to be secured. A sub-domain is a name followed by a dot, that precedes your domain name e.g. EXAMPLE.hosted

Other types of SSL certificates include: CS (Code Signing), SAN (Subject Alternative Name), SGC (Server-Gated Cryptography) and SS (Self-Signed) - more information on these can be found here.

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