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cPanel – for easy and effective web
hosting management

cPanel, created by cPanel, LLC, is a software solution designed for managing web hosting. It presents users with a graphical interface (GUI) and automated tools that streamline the task of hosting a website for both the website owner and the end user. This software facilitates management through a regular web browser, utilizing a three-tier structure. While cPanel focuses on overseeing a single hosting account, cPanel & WHM® extends its capabilities to encompass the entire server administration.

At we have partnered with cPanel to bring our customers a web hosting control panel that is easy and effective to use.

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BitNinja – for superior server security

BitNinja is a collaborative server security company that uses AI to consistently acquire knowledge and adjust its approach. Consequently, the protective barrier gains potency after every attack, enhancing its ability to counter forthcoming risks and thereby contributing to a more secure online environment for everyone. ensures incredible levels of security within our hosting and domain name server environments by using BitNinja. Apart from safeguarding our servers, we actively participate in the BitNinja community in providing any insights we may have.

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Patchman – powered by SiteLock to put an end to malware and vulnerability patching

Patchman is an automated, pre-emptive approach to patching CMS vulnerabilities and eradicating malware from systems. In conjunction with their comprehensive range of offerings, SiteLock spans the full spectrum of security protection, catering to various consumer segments, including individuals, small enterprises, and large corporations. Patchman is committed to safeguarding businesses against cyber threats. is proud to use Patchman powered by SiteLock to help stop malware on our customers’ websites and to patch any CMS vulnerabilities.

Visit Patchman Provider - Monarx Provider - Monarx

Monarx – the most effective security solution for web hosting

Monarx specializes in comprehensive server security solutions designed to defend websites against a wide array of online threats. Their innovative technologies provide real-time monitoring, intrusion detection, and active response mechanisms. is proud to partner with Monarx, and through this collaboration, we elevate our commitment to safeguarding our clients' websites, bolstering defences against cyberattacks, and maintaining a secure online environment.

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Acronis – for security, backup
and disaster recovery

Acronis stands at the forefront of infrastructure backup solutions, offering innovative technologies that ensure data integrity, availability, and rapid recovery.

Acronis boasts state-of-the-art backup solutions and data loss protection, enabling seamless restoration and empowering businesses to continue thriving in the face of unexpected challenges.

As an Acronis partner, is dedicated to providing a safe and secure hosting backup service.

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CloudLinux – an industry leader in security and manageability

CloudLinux is a leading provider of server security and stability solutions tailored for multi-tenant hosting environments. The CloudLinux platform isolates resources and optimizes server performance, enhancing security for hosted websites.'s collaboration with CloudLinux underpins our commitment to offering secure and reliable hosting solutions. By harnessing CloudLinux's innovative technology, we deliver an optimized environment that ensures consistent performance, minimal downtime, and heightened protection against potential threats.

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Imunify360 – a comprehensive security suite for Linux web servers

Imunify360 specializes in robust server security, utilizing advanced machine learning and intrusion detection to safeguard websites against malicious activities. Proactive security measures are utilized with a comprehensive defence system that detects, mitigates, and prevents security breaches. is excited to partner with Imunify360 to fortify our hosting environment against evolving cyber threats, ensuring a secure and confident online presence.

Visit Imunify360 Provider - LiteSpeed Provider - LiteSpeed

LiteSpeed Technologies – a leader in server speed optimization

LiteSpeed Technologies is a trailblazer in server speed optimization, offering web server software that accelerates website loading times and enhances performance. Compatible with a range of control panels, LiteSpeed offers unbeatable performance and website loading times.

By incorporating LiteSpeed's high-performance technology, ensures our clients' websites load swiftly, leading to increased engagement, better search rankings, and overall
customer satisfaction.

Visit LiteSpeed Provider - Softaculous Provider - Softaculous

Softaculous – to launch your ultra-fast
WordPress website

Softaculous revolutionizes the installation of web applications through its automated software deployment platform. This user-friendly solution simplifies the process of adding and managing applications on websites. is proud to empower our clients to effortlessly install, update, and manage their 3rd party applications, streamlining their website operations, and enhancing it’s overall efficiency.

Visit Softaculous Provider - Provider - – get a professional website
ready in minutes.

With customers can create a website effortlessly using its user-friendly website builder to create and manage pages. Without requiring any website building skills, anyone can design a website quickly. Advanced features and functionality and hundreds of plugins make it possible to build an e-commerce website with multiple payment gateways. offers its customers this solution as an affordable add-on to their cPanel Website Hosting Plan thereby ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your dream to get your business online.


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